How to Increase the Storage of your Android Device - Move Apps to the SD Card.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The following is a tutorial to increase the memory of an Android device, since many devices have a small internal memory, which does not allow us to have all the applications that we want.
The first thing we will do is “root” the device to make the necessary changes that will give us the system permissions to have applications on your SD card. (I will not explain how rooting the phone but here is the link to learn as it is very easy!).
Then we download to our computer application called Mini Tool Partition Wizard by clicking HERE. (It's completely free). To be able to partition our SD card, which will allow us to make the type of memory in a part of our SD is the same format as the internal memory of your phone and therefore move applications on the SD card. Another benefit is that we can use in some devices “Swapping” that will allow us to use part of our SD card as RAM and this helps our phone is faster.
Then follow these steps
Install the program on your PC.
Connect our SD card (with card reader and not with the phone connected with sd cable).
Open the SD card and copy all the files in our PC (backup) to keep our information, photos, files, etc..
In the Mini Tool Partition Wizard to click right to our SD card and click DELETE. (be careful don´t select C: or D:, you have to select the SD card or erase the info on your PC).
Then with the SD empty right click again and click CREATE a box will appear and you have to select PARTITION PRIMARY AS (there depends on the capacity of your SD card), if your card is 4GB up you have to select FILE SYSTEM AS FAT (FAT file system), or if your card is less than 4GB have to choose FAT32. You can choose the amount of memory you want but it must be at least 512MB for the next partition and put DONE.
In the empty partition again right click and CREATE here select again PARTITION PRIMARY but this time select FILE SYSTEM AS Ext2 and then DONE.
Finally apply these changes at the top left of the screen.
So far we have made the partition of the SD card to move our applications there (for those who have experience, do “Factory Restore” to clear all that crap that your operator puts on your device as game demos and other stuff (Settings / Privacy / Factory data reset, will erase everything even your contacts not synced to your GOOGLE ACCOUNT).
The next step is to download an application called Link2SD which is very good and FREE in the Play Store.
The first time you open this app will ask root permissions, and ask you to specify the file system you selected in the previous step, I mean FAT or FAT32. And applications can be moved completely to your SD card.
IMPORTANT: something nobody says elsewhere is that if you just move the applications to the SD with Link2SD, part of the application will remain in the internal memory of your device, so you have to go to Link2SD and create link, and put link everything, after that turn off (reboot) the device and turn it on again, there the application will be fully in the SD and not stored in internal memory of your device.
Ok! for those who want to increase the RAM with  "Swapper" is also available in the Play Store for free.
First let's check if our ROM accepts "swapp", then go down this application MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check, then as we already had a partition list all you need to do is download the application and open it select how many megabytes you want to allocate for use as RAM.

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